Nano-fiber Filters (3 pack)

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Nano-fiber filters 

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This product is for 3 filters.

The interchangeable nano-fiber filter inserts are compatible with our masks and consist of a layer of a nano-fiber material that fits in between the two layers of dri-fit fabric lining our mask.

The nano-fiber is made of world-leading material that consists of ultra-thin fibers 1000 times thinner than a human hair. These fibers form a spiderweb-like membrane that captures tiny particles. 


Our filter material is 95% efficient at particle size PM0.3. 


LARGE - adults 180 lbs +
MEDIUM - adults 110-180 lbs
SMALL - petite adults, teens, tweens and kids 8+   ± 60-110 lbs



Made in the USA

**Please know that this mask is not intended for professional use and is not considered FDA-cleared medical grade PPA.