Biden Harris 2020

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Biden Harris 2020 mask* (non-medical face mask)

Proceeds of this mask go to the Biden Victory Fund, which is a joint fundraising effort between Joe Biden's presidential campaign, the DNC and state parties.

In America’s democracy, we value our ability to choose who is in office, and revel in the fact that we have a say in what goes on in the political world.

However, when less than half the country is voting regularly, we have to ask ourselves: is this really a democracy? 

Use your mask to get the message out to everyone around you!

*This masks ships in 2-4 days*


LARGE - adults 180 lbs +
MEDIUM - adults 110-180 lbs
SMALL - petite adults, teens, tweens and kids 8+   ± 60-110 lbs


80%-20% poly-cotton twill exterior
100% poly dry-fit interior
100% poly-spandex details

Made in MEXICO

Fitting the mask:

1. Place the mask over the mouth, nose and chin.
2. Secure the velcro band behind the neck making sure the ears fit trough the loop opening, pulling it as tight as comfortably possible.
3. Press the flexible built-in nose clip tightly around the nose
4. Make sure the mask fits snug around the face and around the chin.

Taking the mask off:

5. Please take extreme care in following these instructions
6. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water.
7. Without touching the front of the mask, unfasten the straps from behind the head.
8. Gently place the mask inside the washing machine, without touching the front of the mask and make sure not to shake the mask outside the machine.
10. If you are wearing the mask for protection against pollutants, you do not have to wash it after every use. We suggest you replace the filter after 48 hours of use.

Washing the mask:

11. Stick Velcro straps together

12. Wash the mask with the replacement filter included on a warm cycle with mild detergent (or wash by hand).

13. Pull the clean mask out of the machine.
14. Discard of the old filter.
15. Hang dry.
16. Insert new filter.

*Not intended for MEDICAL use