3 layer non-medical cotton mask

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3 layer cotton mask* for non-medical use

Comfortable, Reusable & Washable!

Orders ship within 1-4 days.

Our 3 layer cotton mask is new to the collection. Many of you asked for a more lightweight option for those sweltering hot days. We developed it with the same principal of being able to "let it hang", with elastic straps that go behind the ear, not around the ear.

Incredibly comfortable and an easy option for outdoor activities, this mask is anti-microbial, breathable and skin friendly. 

The elastic can be adjusted to be tighter, just by re-tying the knot. Specially helpful for the smaller faces of the little ones. 

When opening your mask from the package, make sure to tighten the knot in the elastic.


3 ways to wear the elastic:

1. One strap goes to the top of the crown of the head as the other strap goes behind the neck.

2. One strap goes above the ear as the other strap goes behind the neck.

3. Both straps go under the ear, behind the neck.

This mask has 3 layers; 2 layers of soft 100% cotton and one inner layer of sms Polypropylene filter material. 

ADULT - one size fits most adults; available in Navy or White.
KIDS - fits kids 3-10 years old; available in Navy only.

two layers of 100% cotton exterior, 145gr.
one layer of 100% sms polypropylene interior, 25gr.
elastic details

Made in MEXICO


Washing the mask:

1. Wash the mask by hand in warm water with mild detergent. This can easily be done by adding the mask to a mason jar filled with warm soapy water, tightening the lid and shaking it for a couple of minutes. 
2. Lightly wring out excess water and hang dry.
3. Do not use bleach, do not  iron, do not tumble dry.

 *Not intended for MEDICAL use