About our Mission

here are numerous airborne threats to our health today. We are witnessing growing threats of air pollution, raging wildfires, airborne viruses like Covid-19, Sars, Ebola and Influenza to name a few.

During the growing pandemic outbreak of Covid-19 we saw extreme high demand for face masks. Official recommendations are that all Americans wear a mask, this has resulted in a massive increase of waste from the common disposable masks commonly used.

What if we could change this? And what if we could create a more sustainable option? Something that does not get thrown away after one use? Something that was made by human hands, close to the source, from materials that are partly biodegradable?

For this reason, we developed our eco-conscious version of the face mask for consumer use. We believe it's our responsibility to Mother Earth to offer a better solution. We developed a mask that is washable, reusable & refillable with our special nano tech filter insert.

We feel strongly it's our social responsibility to not only make good but also do good.